Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have got my first sessional examinations from 4th Feb. Already I am busy with lots of other things. On top of that the weather is freezing me. Have a look at this:

Yes. This is what you'll find in my Hostel every morning.

And to day I was shocked to see the forecast...

Who the F**k said that Global Warming is bad??

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy Schedule, no time to spare

One thing one should not do is lead more than one club/committee in college. That is what I have learned in the past month. I have been a member of Technical Committee for more than two years now, and now I am also the Convenor of the Committee. At the sametime, I am also the Sun Campus Ambassador and am heading the Sun Club and the User Group in my college. These two responsibilities is really demanding a lot from me. Everyday I reach college at about 9 amd return at about 7-8 in the evening. And after about 2 years of being in this college, now I am thinking of buying a bicycle of myself. On top of that, the sarkari administration in my college/university has really made my jobs even tougher. You apply for a permission, firstly you go to the faculty in-charge. Most of the time he would not be there in his room. So you have to time yourself according to him. Once you get his signature, you have to get it countersigned by the Director. Most of the time, our Director is busy in a meeting, so his PA would just shoo you away. Then after much efforts, you manage to get is signature, and then you have to run around to catch hold of Lab Assistants or Staff members who are responsible for the different things like labs/projectors/sound system. Issue the stuff from them and also, in case you are printing question papers, you have to issue a slip from the college office and give it to the photostat shop. And this is just an overview of the no of efforts that convenor/the leader has to make, the actual experience is even worse. God.... Help Me... I take back all the critisism that I had made for the previous convenors of the Technical Committee... Things are really bad here. 

And haan... We are about the receive a SunSPOT kit from Sun Microsystems. Can't wait to get my hands on that.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Video: Shimla Kufri Trip

I made a short video of the trip that I went for with my college mates.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Leopard got some ticks

Hey I am getting a little bugged with leopard. Its all coming out of very high expectation... standards that Mac has set for itself. Of course there are some common ones that you can live with, like when you drag any file from finder and then do to the screen corner to show desktop and move your mouse on the desktop, the icon that ur mouse was dragging along simply disappears, although you are actually still dragging the object.

Now yesterday I was deleting a folder from my external hard disk. It would go into the Trash, but the thrash would not empty because there are some locked files in the subfolders. It told me it hold onto the option key while emptying the thrash, but even then it would not empty the thrash. It will copy the folder to the local hard disk, and then from here you can delete and hold on to the option key while issuing the empty thrash command, it works. But if would not move the folder to the local hard disk, saying that you do not have privileges. I have never heard of a privilege problem in a FAT formatted disk. Anyways I open up the terminal to try rm -rf, but it wont work. Karan suggested me to do sudo rm -rf, it still gives some privileges error. Futhermore I eject and reconnect the hard-disk and also do a reboot. But the folder just remains there. Finally the last solution, start Windows in VM and delete the folder, and boom, its gone.

The again some time later, I realized that my computer started to freeze instantaneously. Everything started to slow down. The fans became too loud. On checking the iStat Pro I found this:

Two processes: mount_hfs and syslogd were really sucking the juice out of my processor whose temperature had risen to 82˚C. I dont know why, what initiated it, when did it start. It just started happening and I was a little late in realizing the problem. The processes could not be killed from the Activity Monitor as they were root processes, so I tried to restart the computer. The computer froze permanently half way to shut down. So I had to like warm boot it, kept the power button pressed.

No doubt Leopard has been a bit buggy, it has just been about two months since its release, and I hope to see 10.5.2 soon.
Finally to end on a good note, I tried out DTrace on Leopard. Its a great feature. Currently Leopard has a lot fewer probes than Solaris which I am sure will increase.