Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sun Microsystems

Finally my second sessional exams are over and I have some time to blog about my recent Sun Induction Training. For those of you who dont know, I have been selected to be the Sun Campus Ambassador for FY08. Basically a Sun CA is a 12 month intern and a temporary employee. So he gets a stipend and also many of the facilities a Sun Microsystems employee enjoys. In return, you have to train yourself and get aquainted to the Sun technologies and also spread awareness among the college students. Anyways, the induction program was basically an introduction of many of the Sun technologies including OpenSolaris, Java, Netbeans etc. Now although my initial feeling was that this program is going to be mainly advertising but the induction program changed my prejudice. What they want is that more people and students should participate in the development process of open source technologies. I have been programming in PHP for a long time now... and I have always believed that open source was the way to go. But never before I thought of contributing back to the community. What Sun has done here is inspired a part of me to contribute back. For this they have a new Contest running: Code For Freedom, whereby you can win prizes by contributing back to the source codes. Obviously they are mainly concerned with the Sun's Open technology, which is pretty strong. Sun here claims to be the largest contributor to the world of Open Source including Linux (interesting!!) Definitely a feat worth an appreciation. So the training was held at Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi, basically because they donot have a big office in Delhi. Jamia has a proper Sun Lab with many Thin Clients connected to 1 or 2 servers. It was really nice to meet new people from North and East Universities/Institutes, including 2 school-mates from my batch. Nice three days and lots of knowlegde and experience to carry back to college. And also not to forget, more responsibilities.

And haan, try looking for Zones and ZFS. Really nice Solaris features. DTrace is another thing they promote, but my favourites are the former two.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The same excuse....

There are two kinds suffering possible if you turn back to your blog after a long time. One of the kind is that you have nothing to write. Im the other kind. And since there is so much to write in there I am utterly confused. Let me brief it up. As usual I have been busy. PHP projects, workshops, taking charge of different committees - old things. The new things that have been keeping me busy are: Great download speeds. Our university has taken a new internet connection which we are getting in our Hostels. Now we enjoy consistent 200-250Kbps download speed. Also with new Wireless routers installed, I enjoy this connection in my bed. While most of my friends spend time finding new tunneling sites, I enjoy the speeds by downloading productivity tools/softwares/operating systems. After being selected as the Campus Ambassador of Sun Microsystems I have found myself downloading loads of SUN-related stuff like Solaris, Netbeans, OpenOffice etc etc. At the same time (thanks to skar) I have also tried the new iLife. Great update I must say. Also the new iWork has been a great release. Numbers, although has a few negatives, kicks the ass out of Excel. Another recent thing that I have tried out in VMware Fusion. Certainly I find it slightly superior than Parallels. First and foremost I have noticed two things, all microsoft sites open in XP installed in Fusion also that the standby mode in enabled(in the shutdown dialog box). The only negative I guess is that the Virtual hard disk cannot be externally accessed and the shut-down time is almost twice that of parallels. I havent found any advantage of using 2 processors, maybe because I have done nothing processor intensive. There are some extra features like send the battery status can be sent to Windows also Unity is a lot better than Coherence, specially because each window is independent of each other. Although I miss the Start bar in Unity. Fusion has also installed Solaris 10 very smoothly. I'll try out Fedora 7 (Which didnot work in Parallels). Anyways I have an induction training by Sun (this weekend) and an online orientation 10 mins from now. I'll write again after the training....