Saturday, December 30, 2006

Biography of a fat boy

It has been about a week and a half since this boy has returned home for his winter vacations. And in this time he has been one of the most physically active persons in this world. His schedule for a typical day has been…. Wake up at about 10:30 am. followed by breakfast (WoW!!! Eating Time) at about 11:30 am. Then he does some miscellaneous stuff on the computer (Yeah!! That’s a real workout) for 2-3 hours. This is followed by lunch (Wah Wah Khana!!) and again spending time with the computer (mainly listening to songs). Finally dinner (Food!!) at about 9 and late in the night he downloads a few things till about 1 am. The only little deviation is when he performs driving duties for his mom and takes her to the market or to any other place. Now that’s about all the physical activity that he performs. All this hard labor leads to some kind of growth in that boy. Now there are two types of growth that can take place in a person. And each of them can be analyzed in two different ways (depending on the frame of reference).

The first type of growth is growing taller. Now as told earlier, there are two ways in which you can analyze this. The first can be done by following these steps….
1. At any time look up… What do you see? The blue sky, birds flying and the sun gleaming?? Now if this is the case then your observation will not be correct. You need to step inside your house. Now look up… You see the ceiling? Ya good.
2. Now after some time when you are at your home (and you are standing in the same place as you were before) look up again. You will again see the ceiling… only this time it might appear closer. If that is the case... you have grown taller.
So you take yourself as the frame of reference and only realize that the ceiling is coming down, which is actually an incorrect conclusion.

The other way is to change the frame of reference to anything else (stationary and passive). Now from that frame of reference (which could be a measuring tape) when you see yourself at two different points of time you realize that you have grown taller. Thus this leads to the correct conclusion.

Now the next type of growth is obviously in the other direction. So again in this case depending on the frame of reference you are either blowing up… or everything else is coming nearer to you.

Now in this case obviously the growth in the boy is of the latter type. Now that is definitely not good. Not healthy at all. You need to work out… you need to exercise. Oh! But why? You don’t exercise if the waist of your trouser shrinks… it’s the trousers’ problem. So every day he sits in his car (on the driver’s seat) and realizes that the steering wheel is coming closer to him. Now how do you make him understand that he is growing fat! You simply can’t. Have a peak into his dictionary….

fat: adjective (comparative fat•ter, superlative fat•test) having a bodyweight greater than yours; having more flabby tissue than what you have;

Now that is the problem… if that is how you will define fat, you will never be fat, forget fatter or fattest!! You can not have a bodyweight greater than yourself! Ab use yeh kaun samjhaye?

Now every time anyone calls him fat… he checks out his dictionary and realizes that others are joking. And this leads to complacency. And so he just goes around eating ‘this and that’ cause now he has a new reason for eating apart from the fact that he loves eating. And the reason is that he is not fat!!

And this complacency leads to excessive eating. One of the recent example could be his dinner at Nirula’s Chandigarh on 16th of this month…. The display outside the restaurant really got him into his groove… Unlimited Non Veg Buffet Dinner!! Wow! He promptly went inside, paid for his meal and started his dinner. They ran out of Chicken (the only non veg dish) and he made them cook another one. He ended up having 20 pieces of chicken. Furthermore Nirula’s had run out of Gulab Jamun (which was the desert after the buffet) so he was given an ice-cream instead. Even after the enormous meal, the fat-boy felt just right. When someone comments on his diet, the answer is pretty straightforward. I quote “There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who eat for leaving and those who live for eating. I am of the latter kind.” Your really can’t deny that. This fat boy certainly lives for eating.

As time goes on these ‘enormous meals’ become more frequent. As the frequency increases the beautiful body shape turns evil. For females he may be consider 36-24-36 as ideal, but what about himself? 44-36-##. That should go down… But he thinks otherwise. “I cannot slim down. Not in this life.”

One of the ways to get him to slim down could be by making him following this:
My advice if you insist on slimming: Eat as much as you like—just don't swallow it.

Harry Secombe Welsh singer, actor, and comedian.
The Daily Herald (London) (October 5, 1962).

Ah! If only that would be possible!! If only his fetish of food would magically turn into fetish of a slim look. Hopefully the New Year will bring some changes in the fat boy’s mindset. Who knows? Some nice games of football might do the trick. But till then he won’t lose a pebble!!

Now why is this post a biography, and not an autobiography?… Kyuki main koi mota thode hi hoon!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sweating at seventeen degree celsius

You know, it is difficult to remain consistently unpunctual. But I have managed to be one. I guess thins time I am not allowed to put any excuses. So let’s start of with what I have been doing in the past month. Since my last post there has been nothing worth sharing apart from the fact that I have started growing a long moustache. Now it is pretty long and it I look really funny when I curl it from the sides (like the surds in Chandigarh do). I post a photo if I could catch hold of a camera…

Most of my time was taken up by the semester exams. Unlike last year we had our practical exams first and it was followed by the semester exams. This was bad because of 2 reasons. Firstly that it is easier to go for the practicals once you have done the entire theory for the examination. Secondly the semester exams papers are shown to us within one week of the last sem paper. Now if the practicals are held after the semester papers, then it makes more sense to wait for the papers to be shown. This time we had to stay for a week just to see our paper. And I guess I was the unluckiest. My exams ended on the 14th, and the same day we were shown the papers of two subjects. And three of the remaining teachers promised to show their respective papers on the 20th. Now it is not practical to return to Delhi and then come back after three days. So I decided to stay on. Now most of my friends had a nice past time... Movies. Few of my friends are movie watching machines.. They can keep watching movies (esp. English) on and on without getting bored, tired or even sleepy. I remember few months ago I had spend my weekend at home. My PC was in my hostel and my friends had kept my keys with them as they wanted to work on the computer. On Friday 10:30AM I took a train to Delhi (Janshatabdi Express) and I returned on Sunday evening. When I reached my room, my friends were watching a movie. The fact that left me spellbound was that this was their 19th movie. So in the last 3 days (They did not even get full 3 days) these people had watched about 19 movies... On calculating the time ... 19x2hrs 15 mins avg.... approx 42 hours of movies..... in about 60 hours. A whopping 70% of the time consumed watching movies... 30% devoted to the natures call, food and other necessities. Surely they did not sleep at all. The very thought of being passive for such a long time makes me nausea tic.

All right so they watched movies. I did not give them my computer this time. Since I do not watch many movies, I needed something else to do... I continued learning more about web designing. And at the same time I kept playing DotA. Yes I have finally started playing DotA on LAN as the only person apart from me who loves playing Warcraft has purchased a Notebook (MacBook) for himself, and we have started playing against each other. And because both of us have been very competitive, we have had a lovely time. As the time passed 19th evening arrived... and I heard news that left me broken. 20th was declared a holiday due to some election in Chandigarh. Exams of other departments were postponed and the University would remain closed on 20th. The teachers had informed the students at the last moment that the papers will be shown on 21st instead of 20th. But I can't wait that long. I have my confirmed train ticket for 20th evening and I was not going to wait any longer. So I did not wait for the remaining papers and I returned on the 20th. Now I will have to go on the 1st or 2nd of Jan to see the remaining 4 papers. Could I have been be unluckier (if that is a word in English). It feels good to be back home and meet some of my old school friends. Yesterday evening I spent some time with the ever-helpful Karan who again brought some important things for me from US. While I was with Karan, Rungta and Varenya also made a short visit. Rungta briefed me a little about Ajax, and now I am spending some time trying to conquer another step in web designing...

Aha! And the title of this post… Well it is very usual if you are travel by Bus on route 764 in the evening at about 7-8PM. I was one of the unfortunate ones to be traveling on the same route while returning from Karan’s house. I was at the IIT Gate bus stop waiting for a 764. I had to leave the first bus cause it was so crowded. But since I did not want to wait, I took the next one which was equally crowded if not more. Initially I was hanging out of the rear door and slowly people crawled in. For some time I traveled on the foot board and soon I had to go inside the bus since the conductor keeps pestering you to clear the doorway. He keeps pushing and shouting at you to go inside (As if the bus is of infinite dimension) and eventually you have to. Every thing seemed so normal inside…. About 5 passengers every square foot. You can’t move, no need to hold anything to support yourself. You are like a pin of a plug fitted into the socket. It reminded me of the FIITJEE days, when I used to travel by the same route. We went past a big digital signboard showing 17 ºC and I could feel droplets of sweat rolling down my neck….

Hopefully I shall not remain unpunctual for long.....

Monday, October 23, 2006

बहुत िदनो बाद

Long time no post!! That might be in your mind, but surely I have never been very regular with my blog. But this time I have more genuine reasons to not to be regular. The two months September and October were really hectic. The reasons are as follows:

1. There were two fresher parties during this time
2. Four birthday parties have been celebrated; two more will be celebrated in this month itself.
3. Two sessional exams (sort of minors) have taken place during this period.
4. A group from my hostel (including me) went on a trip to Kasauli: in Himachal Pradesh.
5. Durga Puja, Dusshera, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and upcoming Ed… they all take up time.
6. Technical Committee & Exun (to which I have hardly contributed till now) commitments.
7. Project works that I have taken up. I just completed my second project in php and in fact I am taking out time from the third to write this blog post.
8. Studies….. (This one is just to add some weight to the excuses)

Obviously Life@MyWorld describes what is happening in my life…. I’ll just scribble a little about each of the points enlisted above.

First of all two fresher parties: College and Hostel Freshers. This year the college freshers party was pretty good apart from the fact that there was shortage of time during the cultural show. Just like last year even this year there were two phases. First phase comprised of a cultural show by the freshers/ second year students and a Mr/Ms Fresher contest. The second phase was DJ party and dinner at Chandigarh Club. Due to shortage of time at the cultural show our college rock band’s performance was shifted to Chandigarh Club. Now not many students like hard core rock music, and most of the students were dying to dance to the beats of the DJ. What happened next was really humorous. People started doing bhangra to the beats of the hard rock music ….. Really a must watch. You might thing that this is impossible, but you need to see it to believe it…. Land of nerd surds!! That was followed by a dinner. Thankfully they had enough quantity this time. Last year there was a big shortage of food but this time the managing committee did a pretty good job. The only fact that needs to be overlooked is that most of the dishes were undercooked. You can never hope for good food during these events. Now the second freshers was in the Hostel. Again a short cultural programme followed by good food. The best thing about Hostel festivals (both freshers and annual day) is the fight for food. And I really love it. People would rush for plates as soon as the chief guest stands up to give a concluding speech. The food is not ready yet. Although there is never any shortage of food, people just repeat it again and again every time. As soon as the dishes are placed on the table students will just pile up there plates and force themselves out of the mob. And if you are lucky, you might come out with clean clothes, cause almost every one gets his clothes messed up with food.

Second is birthdays… same thing again, I’ll just mention the names of the birthday boys. Abhinav, followed by Digvijay, Sanamjeet and Mohit. And as I mentioned birthdays of Parveen and Sujoy are yet to celebrated in this month.

Thidly, Sessional exams…. Lets not talk about that!!

Fourthly, Kasauli trip. That was a real pleasant trip. Kasauli is a small, beautiful and boring hill station. When I say small, I mean really small. Nano-ish!! Just 3 things to check out. A church, the first in Himachal, built in 1803. A short mall road. And a beautiful Monkey Point. Monkey Point is the top most peak in Kasauli. The area is under Air Force and so entry is only though identity. Also you are not allowed to carry any electronic device inside, so no mobiles/cameras. Now why is it called Monkey Point? Because it is believed the Hanumanji while returning with the mountains, stepped on this peak. The shape of this peak is somewhat like a monkey foot, and so a Hanuman temple has been constructed at the top. As a matter of fact you can see many cities from the top of this peak that includes Chandigarh and Shimla. Apparantly this point is higher than Shimla, although it comes much before Shimla. But everything in Kasauli is not beautiful. This small place is full of Dogs and Monkeys. In fact Kasauli welcomed me with a dog bite. As soon as we reached we started looking for a place to eat. We found a small signboard where noodles was written as नयूडलस which when written in english should look like:nudeless!! As I moved closer to that board a dog poped out from behind it and bit me in on my right knees. Although it was only a small scratch, but I am have to take 5 Rabies injection plus 1 tetanus injection. Bad bad luck… While returning we visited the Pinjore Gardens. A lovely garden maintained by Harayana Tourism.

Fifthly, Sixthly and Seventhly …. Nothing much to write on these and eighthly… Just lying.

अौर अपने मैक से िहन्दी मे पोस्ट करने मे मज़ा अा रहा है।

I have pics to share, but blogger is taking too much time to upload, maybe I'll try later

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dare to Wear

All I can say is that this was a dare....

And to describe the shorts to you, it looks exactly like the new uniform in the Indian Prisons.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Think different.

Life has been good and lazy since my last post. No exams, no study pressure, I have a decent attendance record… so a few bunks didn’t hurt at all. One of the best things that have happened till then is that the elections are over. I had already told you about my friends being directly involved in the elections, as either a candidate or helping them out with the campaigning. Being in second year, elections have been an entirely new experience. Till last year we were facing the music, on one had we were taken to movies and disco, on the other hand we were kidnapped and had to spend out nights elsewhere. This year there were two set of people, those who were involved in party politics and the others (including me) who were totally out of it. The former category had their own set of problems. Firstly they had to spend out nights trying to please the first year students. Taking them out to movies, giving them a gala dinner party (My god!! One of the nights, they had unlimited supply of chicken!!), taking them out to Kasauli etc etc. They even arranged for some booze and cigarettes for the drinkers and smokers!! All in all they tried out all the tricks to please the freshers. And since there was no kidnapping this year, the freshers must have had a lovely week. No kidnapping?? Why so?? Because this year all the first year students have been allocated the hostel no 7 which was highly guarded by CP….(Chandigarh Police). Last year we were the unlucky ones to be allocated hostel no 6 which has always open for anyone… So it was easy for some of the guys to come to our rooms and take us with them. So coming back to the former set of people, they really had a bad time visiting the freshers to convince them while missing their classes, and bypassing the “general college discipline”. At the same time they had to receive lots of threat calls from the opposing parties. That was the attraction of this year’s election. My close friends and classmates had received a few threat calls, and we all knew, it could be a serious threat. One of my classmate had always been associated with the SOPU party till the election time. He always took help from seniors of SOPU party since most of the residents of his hostel supported SOPU. At the very last moment he openly started supporting and campaigning for PUSU party. He received lots of threat calls. So he temporarily shifted to a different hostel, and visited his room only when he required a different set of clothes. He was really enjoying this, his comments were.. “ Ab zindagi jeene mein asli mazaa aa raha hai, bohut saari threat calls aai hai”. Some of the others were really scared and never moved in the campus alone. The other set of people had a much better life. Just had to face a little bit of campaigning and some of your friends wanted you to join them and help them out with campaigning. I was cleanly out of it. Neither do I wish to face threat calls nor do I wish to deviate from the “general college discipline”. There were also some new twist and turns in these elections. Everyone has to vote for 4 department representatives (DR) and 4 main members of the students’ union, namely the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary and the Joint Secretary. This year there were only 4 valid nominations for the post of DRs by PUSU party. All the 4 nominations for the post of DR by SOPU party were cancelled because they filled up the nomination forms incorrectly. Apparently the teacher who assisted them in filling up the forms gave them incorrect instructions, and as usual PUSU partly was blamed for it. On the day of voting, I was amazed to see the amount of security in the campus. There were 2000+ policemen in the campus, water cannons, and teams of Rapid Action Force, Quick Reaction Teams and Riot Control Police. The campus looked like a protest venue.
Eventually SOPU turned out to be the winner this year.

Meanwhile we had another set of birthday party… we celebrated 3 birthdays together and had a combined treat at a grand restaurant: Mehfil, Sector 17 Chandigarh.


At the dinner table

Now that was just a pose, I never moved closer...

Real Fun, we had

This weekend we had an inter-class football tournament (a very informal one). Our first match was the weirdest I have ever witnessed or played in. Have you ever faced such a situation?: A handball offence was committed by one of the opponent defenders. We were awarded an indirect free kick. Our player kicked the ball directly into the goal and it flicked the goalkeeper’s gloves on its way. Now a goal was awarded by the referee. On this the opponents started protesting that in case of an indirect free kick there must be atleast two touches by the attacking team. There was a lot of quarrel on the field (you would have regularly witnessed such situations in a Man U vs Arsenal match). Eventually one of their players who had a laptop opened up the FIFA Rulebook and it stated that if it is an indirect free kick and the ball goes directly into the goal, touching the defending team’s player on its way, a corner is to be awarded. But by then we had a point that once a referee’s decision is made it is final. I further checked out the rulebook and found out another point in our favor. In case of a handball offence, a direct free kick is awarded. Eventually after all the confusion, quarrel, protest…. the decision was changed to no goal and we eventually won in the penalties. Now that is something you will never see in a football match….. kya situation tha!!

I have started creating my own desktop wallpapers….

Till the time I had no Mac I used this:

And now that I have mac installed and working, I use this in windows:

Monday, September 04, 2006

I feel… Mac-ish….

My new session as a second year student has really been very boring till last week. Although I had many things to write, I could not end up writing a post and going up to the café to post it. I expected my second year start to be as good as the first one, but till last week it only had been an extension of where I had left as a first year student. Well the first thing that you think of when you are in second year is that you are now a senior and now is the time for you to rag the freshers. But I have been really lenient till now, no ragging, no pdp. As a result I hardly know any of the juniors, and hardly any of them know me. Well at this point of time it doesn’t matter. Slowly I will get to know others.

There has been some learning experience in this semester. Firstly I have started with php… sigh… finally. Php seems to be a very simple language till now. It is a lot broader and flexible than C++ language. I have to start with databases, and even that is simple if you are using phpmyadmin. The next thing I learned in this semester is to ride a bike. Bike as in Motorcycle (I know some Americans read my blog, so they should not confuse it with bicycle). Bikes are really an easy thing to arrange. You will always have friends around you who have bikes. And so if you are in the university, you must know how to ride it.

But now since this weekend, everything looks to good. Simply because now finally I have Mac Os X running on my system. Well, I you have been reading my blog, or even skar’s blog you must know what all I had went through last year. I had the worst time of my life, both Karan and me were cursing my computer at the end of a week long of perseverance to install Mac. Now finally this time Karan has brought some nice ‘jugad’ that managed to get the Operating System running on my computer. The ‘jugad’ was VMware. We tried to install both 10.4.7 (which worked for Varenya the other day) and 10.4.6 which has worked on other computers. But with in minutes of the start of the installation, it would stall and ask us to retry. Well things very not very pleasant till Karan pulled out the trick called ‘VMware’ out of his hat. Apparently it set up a virtual machine through my windows onto my other drive, emulation everything apart from my processor. And somehow it managed to install Mac. Now when rebooted using my Seagate HDD, my machine booted in Mac. Wow!! The speed was awesome. It identified my processor as Pentium D 4 GHz…. (although my processor is only 3 GHz in speed). The whole booting took just 27 secs, right from BIOS till a completely started system. But this was not the end of it. The entire process was not that simple. The first problem was that (obviously) it did not support my nVidia graphics card. And secondly it did not support my onboard Sigmatel sound card too (in spite of installing the driver). So we decided to install 10.4.6 instead of 10.4.7 as Sigmatel driver worked in that in one of Karan’s relative’s computer in Himachal (unintentional use of bad English, mind you not wrong English). So we did it, but there were lots of hiccups all the way. Once the installation through VMware stopped giving the error that the workstation got disconnected (or sumthing like that). Well when we checked out on the Disk Management, it did not recognize the second volume at all, as if the disk was physically removed. But no, it was still connected. When we tried to restart, it would boot into Windows (which is in the Samsung HDD, placed second in the Drive order after the Seagate HDD). When we remove the Samsung connection, the BIOS won’t load!! When reconnected, it would load. That was bad. We predicted a Hard Disk crash. But when we inserted the Mac installer DVD, it started with the installation initially, then suddenly Mac OS 10.4.6 started. Strange!! The Hard Disk recovered?? But at the next reboot with only the Seagate connected, it said ‘No OS found’. It was really bad and confusing!!! Thus my PC was termed as temperamental and indeterministic by Karan. After the lunch (delicious Rajma, Parwal and Kofta) we sat down again. Since the sound card did not work in 10.4.6, we decided to properly install Mac Os 10.4.7 slowly, steadily with proper partitions and hopefully for the last time that day. This time everything went on well. I also installed another copy of Windows on the Seagate drive. Now this changed my active partition to Windows and it would not let me boot into Mac. Since Ubuntu did not work on my computer, Karan used some hi-fi commands through the terminal of the installer DVD to change it. Now all was set and running. Applications were installed (or rather copied, Mac does not have anything like installation, just copy the applications and it runs!!). A small problem that the Mac would only start in 1024x768 resolution was easily solved by referring to the internet. Now I have a good Mac, just missing the really awesome graphics effects (like the ripple effect”) and the also the sound (which I guess can be solved using a USB sound card).

Configuration as shown by System Information and cpu-z: Those are true

Apparent configuration as detected by Mac.

xBench Analysis: Only the main ones, omitted Drive, graphics and open GL analysis.

I also got another new stuff from Karan. He got me a new pair of earphones that I badly needed after my Apple ones ‘died’. A new “Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK Fontopia Headphones (White)”. They are an excellent pair of in-ear headphones. Although you need to get used to of in-ear at first, but it won’t take much time. The head phone has really good sound isolation. In the Metro when I was listening to it, I could only hear the loud announcements very faintly. No other chatting, jabbering of the fellow passengers, not even the screeching Metro wheels. In the bus ride to Chandigarh I could peacefully enjoy the soft music of ‘May It Be’. I must say they are a lot better that the Apple iPod’s earphones in terms of cutting down outside noise. The sound quality is far better too.

Finally, some news about the campus. Election is round the corner (coming Friday), and we are already feeling the heat. But until now the experience has been very different from last year. This year many of our friends are a part of campaigning and many of them are candidates for the post of DR. And so this year there has been times when we get our work done through them, and also tell them “You want votes or not? Cause if you don’t help me out you are not getting any votes from our side!!” Last year it was really different, we had to hear them out, all the things they had to say, we had to get ourselves ‘kidnapped’, in short the experience as a first year student has not been very well. I am sure even this year the freshers are facing the music. Police checks at the campus gates have already started. When we returned from Delhi, they thoroughly checked our identity before letting us enter the campus. I guess we are not far from some police raids in the middle of the night….Oh this reminds me…… “Oooooo Aaahhhhh… In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep……….” River of Dreams by Billy Joel.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

PDP resumes...

Blocking Blogspot was one of the worst decisions taken by the Government in recent times. It has hit the millions of Indian Bloggers (Me being one of them). The simple thing that the Indian Governments do not understand is that those bloggers who want to access Blogspot, need not always access the site directly. There is always hook or crook method, that can counter these measures by the government. I don’t know why these foolish government decision makers don’t know that!! And, Why should the Dot start instructing the ISPs to block a whole domain?? Should they not identify the suspicious blogs and block those ones?? It was very rightly specified somewhere… It is like stopping the water-supply in town, simply because there are terrorists who drink water in town!! Now even I have been facing a lot of inconvenience because of this sudden illogical decision by those moronic office bearers. I was in the middle of changing the template of my blog. So after having a small chat with Karan I was given the options of or Tor. is a slightly slow. Tor is better and is really a good option to fool the servers. NovaPortal was another option. Although Karan likes its speed, I did not find it to be good. It does not display my blog correctly. Thankfully now Blogspot is unblocked.

Ok, now, coming back to my life. I returned Chandigarh on the 19th. Obviously I am now in second year, it is about time to be at the other side of ‘The Phantom Returns’. Yes, ragging is on. But at this point of time the ragging has not reached its peak. The problem is that only the first counseling has taken place till now. And only the first week of college has passed. So the number of fucche are too few. On 19th after taking the possession of my newly allotted room, and after setting it up I went to Hostel No 7, with a few of my friends at about quarter past ten.. Hostel 7 till last year was the most feared hostel as all the second year guys were living there. But now a new block has been constructed in Hostel 7 and all the freshers have been allotted rooms in that hostel. The first thing I noticed when I reached that hostel were a few groups of students standing randomly in hostel parking enjoying their interaction with fellow juniors. We all walked into the hostel and went upstairs to the first floor. Second year students were buzzing all along the corridors trying to catch hold of the limited number of first year students. I wished my mates over there; obviously we were meeting after a long summer break. The first room I entered I found a guy sitting on top of the loft. I was told that he is visiting ‘Shimla’. Well and good, what else can you expect when there is only one fresher trying to meet the entertainment-requirements of about a dozen seniors?? I just walked out of the room as I found the situation real dull over there. I was informed that there are four juniors in one of the rooms. I went in there and joined the other second year students (There were about 10 of them there already!! But only four 1st year guys.). Some of my friends followed. The problem was that in that room ragging was being conducted in Punjabi. Although I have picked up quite a few usual Punjabi terms, some of it was difficult to understand. I just sat back and watched the juniors act according to the given situation. I must say, whatever little I understood, it was really hilarious. I was simply a spectator with no inputs simply because it was almost entirely a Punjabi based ragging. At about midnight I returned back to room. Hopefully next time more freshers would be available. They are expected from the next week onwards.

Meanwhile classes have restarted and the Information Technology branch is really enjoying the course. Semiconductors, Peripheral Devices, Data Structures, Programming Methodology, Fundamentals Of IT and lastly Human Computer Interface are the only subjects. So everything is IT specific. And when college restarts, movies have to restart. Yesterday night I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. First Day last show. This movie unlike the last one was really complicated. Real complicated logic and really open ended. None of us were satisfied as we really felt ‘incomplete’ at the end of the movie. But I must say that the movie was really funny at times. Johnny Depp played an excellent role, but Keira Knightley’s role was not impressive….im sure u know why!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The 'excess-time' Problem

My holidays began just a few days after my birthday. And surprisingly these holidays have been the best I have had so far. Never before have I had the opportunity, to enjoy my holidays according to my will. Partly because the school used to bundle you up with a lot of homework and partly because according to my mom, when you are in school… you are a student. Furthermore when you are a student, you have to lead a disciplined life. And when it comes to discipline of a student, he has to study a few hours everyday. So everyday you have to spend some time sitting around with a course book and pretend to read it (with the iPod plugged in your years – obviously), or else you have to face a verbal thrashing (on an unlucky day, it could be physical as well). But unlike the holidays of the past 12-13 years, this one was definitely different. Firstly, no college homework. In fact I even don’t know what all I will be studying next semester, and therefore no point in studying. So unless I have to help out my mom with some household work, I am totally vela. As a matter of fact this is the case with every other college guy/gal. Now when you have such a time, it is often difficult to decide what to do and what not to… esp. if you are not having a girlfriend. I know a few of my schoolmates who have girlfriends, they spend quite a lot of time with each other (basically just strolling or chatting), but the rest of the time they are also vela. So I can easily conclude that if you have a girlfriend, you can be assured that at least some part of the excess-time problem is solved (although it might also backfire with some other troubles, which I shall not go into).

Many of my friends have realized that the best way to spend your holidays is by learning something. So people have joined in C/C++/Java classes (those who are fanatic about programming, may please replace the word ‘classes’ with ‘lectures’, to avoid any confusion), some are doing VB etc. Most of them are doing a computer programming course except Prateek Chadha who for some reason decided to learn golf (of course you can’t expect PC to do a computer course). In the beginning of the holidays I had decided to learn PHP. But typically an Exun guy does not believing spending money to learn programming. Neither do I. So I talked to Rungta, and arranged all the required softwares, servers, databases, manuals etc. required to master PHP. But eventually till today I could not start with it, simply because these holidays have turned me LAZY. I got a little pump from Rishabh Dara and Karan Misra to start with it… but god knows when I will start with it. I have never been unenthusiastic to learn a new programming language, but maybe this time I feel that it is too simple as it is very similar to C++. And even now, like ever other day, I am hoping to start today. So basically much of my time is being spent on the Internet, sometimes chatting or Orkutting (a very popular verb this one is, although I see that it is not defined in the MS Word dictionary). But mostly I am visiting the Panjab University forum called These forum guys have started a new contest that the top two persons who participate most in the forum, shall get an all expense paid Taj Chandigarh buffet. Now that is motivating!! Apart from the Internet I am playing games. Eventually Nisheeth has given me this game Rome –Total War. Very time consuming, and a perfect game to kill time (at the end of the day that is all that counts). It is a very nice game in which you are taken back into some 300 odd BC and you are responsible to conquer the Roman empire and take control of it. Graphics are also decent, and unlike the likes of AOE and Warcraft, this strategy game has two different maps – Campaign Map and Battle Map. And the battle map fight is real cool!! The world cup was another time pass. Although I was supporting Brazil (it is in the blood of Bengalis, you may say that) But they were never really playing well. My second choice was Portugal. Although they were playing good, they got eliminated in the semis, France just hanging on to that single goal. But the final was brilliant!! Just about everything that can happen in a football match, happened in that match. A wonderful draw, and finally I think the right team is victorious.

You must have realized till now that I am hardly into any kind of physical exercise. As a result I have really bloated. My girth has been increasing ever since, even while I was at hostel. So now I have realized that this tond of mine is actually my property (as in a distinctive quality/characteristic) that can never be lost. Nope, not in this life!!

Another wonderful fact about these holidays are that you want to meet old friends and associates. And when you finally meet up with them, you realize a slight degree of pleasure and satisfaction. I understand that it is bound to happen if you are living in a hostel away from your friends and relatives, but yeah it’s really good to see old mates. This time I have met up with guys like Nisheeth, Prateek, Nishank, Rohit, Maanick, Rathin, Siddharth and maybe others (in case I am forgetting a few name). Had lunch together and a game or two of Counter Strike in the popular South Ex WebWorld. I also met up with some of my school teachers. Eventually this time I was able to meet Ms Raghavan, who seemed really pleased to meet me and she surprised me by not asking anything about Exun. She was the only teacher who used to be really pissed off with me due to my involvent with Exun. I still remember that line of hers, “Souvik!! YOU and your EXUN!!” Our school has also undergone a lot of structural changes, things are turning pink and that really goes against my taste. The staff rooms have also expanded, I guess they are employing more teachers which means that the no of students might also be increasing. Uniforms have also changed from shirt to T-Shirt. Things are really getting complicated and confusing. As Dhruv explained to me, he had to buy a shirt for the Investiture Ceremony. He has to wear a white T-shirt on normal days and a Green T-shirt on PE days. Thank God I am out of school before such uniform was implemented.

Now for some news from Panjab University!! As you all know things are quite different here. I have finally realized the power of politics. On 4th July I went to get my hostel allocated to me. I had originally planned to go to Chandigarh in the morning and return back in the evening (It is just a 5 ½ hour journey). But the system in our university really spoilt my plans. Last year I was a junior and I had no option but to accept whichever room has been allocated to me. But I hoped that this year I would easily get the hostel room of my choice, simply because now I am a senior!! But nope, things are not that simple. I really did not want to stay in Hostel 6 because of the monkey problems and the water woes in Block 2 of Hostel 6. But when I went there I realized that the same hostel has been allocated to me. So I requested to get my hostel changed or the block changed so that at least this year I can be free from those problems. But a flat ‘No’ was their reply. I talked to the office bearers in my hostel and requested for Block 3, but they simply refused by saying that there are no empty rooms in this hostel. So here is where the politics comes in. To get a hostel of your choice, you need to be in touch with an active politician. So in the evening we told Abhishek Puri about our problem and he said that he’ll help us with it. We spent that night there, and the next morning walked up to the warden with him. And swwwwwishhhh!!! The job was done. All of my friends got a room in Block 3 and all of us were satisfied. Now here is the difference between the 1st year students and the seniors. The seniors have political contacts!! I don’t know if this thing will change in our University, but kuchh bhi ho, mera kaam to ho gaya.

And now signing off, and waiting for the juniors to get admitted!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hathoda aur Chingaari

Workshop Training has been one of the most interesting part of my course till now. The reason?? It could be simply the joy of creating something with your oun hands… or it can also be that it is the first time I have realized that something useful is being taught. Although the training was a very good learning experience, the schedule was simply cruel… Firstly it was planned in the middle of what could have been a nice long summer-break. The temperature was soaring high….and the timing??? 9AM… Who the hell wants to wake up early and then walk up to the workshop and back when the sun is blazing on top of you?? And when you are forced to do so (since the marks you get in this training will be added to your overall percentage) it becomes worse….. and on top of it you have to make practical files for the same!! Huh!! Seems pathetic right?? But No… The experience is still worth it. Workshop has always interested me from my very first class (way back in the ragging days). This time the projects undertaken were more difficult. Inside the workshop there are 9 different shops… Namely Electrical Shop, Electronics Shop, Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Smithy Shop, Carpentry Shop and finally Foundry. Well, explaining each of them will be a waste of time, but the names of each of the shop speak for themselves. The best thing about the shops was that you yourself work at your job, so you do all the welding, hammering, igniting the furnaces yourself…. At the end of the class you walk out both satisfied and tired.

And now continuing my earlier post….. I WAS NEXT!!
Yes, my birthday in the teens has been an experience of a lifetime (which I hope I will never have to experience again…) Now why would I not like to face a similar experience again? Here is Why…
All my friends had started teasing, taunting and warning me a week before my birthday. That was quite irritating annoying. But this time my birthday was not the same simple and sober as others (beating followed by a cake). This time they asked me to accompany for dinner on the evening of 1st June. Well I was really unwilling to go with them…. Who knows what was in store for me after the dinner. But a few of my friends requested my company and I unenthusiastically went with them. Throughout the time everyone acted as if they had big plans for me… and my biggest fear at that time was that the clock might strike twelve even before we return and those (cruel) friends of mine might start beating me in the middle of the street. So after the dinner I hurried back to my room in a cycle-rickshaw, while others walked back. I made some of my preparations and waited for the hour to arrive. The time flew past a lot quicker than I expected and soon enough as I expected more than a dozen arrived…. The carried me out of the room, dropped me in the corridor, clicked a few photos and then they just left me…
No beating… Nothing. They just told me that they don’t feel like beating me. I was confused… and so I continued lying on the floor. What I was expecting was that as soon as I get up…. they will begin their assault. But on the contrary they threatened to beat me if I don’t get up and walk back into my room. I obeyed. Now back into the room I felt quite unsafe. Thirty odd eyes staring at me… hundreds of teeth…. doing something that I have never realized before. So now the game begun… They started ragging me… “Naach…” was the order. Although I tried to resist… But eventually I had to dance to the beats of "Kajra re". What’s next…? A box of sweets. Everyone fed me some saying "Mooh meetha Karo", but at the same time the ragging still continued. The wanted me to have the whole box full of sweets. Aakhir uske baad imtehaan ka waqt aa hi gaya. The just dragged me out into the corridor and gave me a heavy beating. What was originally known as birthday bumps has now changed into the birthday bash (Nice pun naa??). And I was the big time victim. After being kicked, punched, slapped, hit with slippers and bounced around I was thrown aside and my room mate (Mohit Singla – if you want to know his name) was made airborne. As the trend goes… the room mate has to face his share of the beating. Or in other words” Room-mate ka bhi apna quota hota hai”. Meanwhile I crawled aside and found myself being clicked on camera. If it would not have been for those two seniors (one in Geology dept, and the other doing MCA) I would have been crippled. Now next up was cutting the cake. My friends were kind enough t think beyond sweets… a Chocolate Truffle was waiting for me in my room. First I was placed under the birthday cap… As usual the cake was cut and applied allover me (Except….). But then again, after a quick wash, ragging resumed. This time I had to pose for photographs… (Some of them are attached).
Yet after all this I heard voices saying “ Yaar, Souvik… swaad nahi aaya”. And I was dragged back into the battlefield. The impacts continued until my head banged against the wooden balcony door and tears (full of pain) trickled down my eyes. And that was it. I was released. I was given water to drink and I went for a bath. At about 2 AM I was clean and ready to doze off.
When They Beat you... (notice the difference in this image and the first one).

In the middle of the hustle.

While my room-mate was facing the assault.

Pose for the camera.

Tears had to come....

But the pains continued…. The next morning was the worst time I had. Most parts of my body were swelled and stiff esp. Lower back, shoulders, neck, back, thighs and last but not the least, the rest of my body. Hopefully you are able to empathize.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

PU, a small glance

The road leading upto my department, from my hostel.

Just a stupid but beautiful looking tree.

Round about, Chndigarh is full of them. This one's in the campus near hostel 5.

I love to walk through this esp in summers. This lane leads upto my hostel.

Sports Department (near my hostel)

From a different angle

This corridor connects my block to the mess/canteen and Common Room.

These pics are taken by the camera of Nokia 6600. So this explains the lack of quality of the photos.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Unofficial Committee

Our latest hobby is to speak with eachother in Bihari or Bhojpuri. Some of my friends have started creating songs in Bhojpuri. It goes like this:
Aawa aawa, Panwa Kawa...

The song Zombie (by The Cranberries) has been really remade into a bhojpuri/bihari classic.
Jombie jombie,
Saare bolo jombie,
Jeb me ka hai, jombie
Mooh me ka hai, jombie
Jor se bolo, jombie...
and it goes on.

In hostel 6 (where I live) there are 10 students from UIET 1st year in the third floor of second block. Each of us has been assigned a name (the same trend follows as I mentioned in one of my earlier post) and the conversation goes on and on in Bihari. Myself Kisan, and my friends Makhan, Lallan, Yasodhan, Veerappan, Bhawra, Lakhan, Gajodhar, Babban, Vishram(He is a member of The Polar Bear Association. Perpetually hibernates and usually wakes up just after lunch-time. Always short in attendance). So nowadays our conversation begins with “Arre Lallanwa ka kar rahe ho” or “ Arre Yasodhan tum!! Idhar kaise?” and ends with a “Accha Ram Ram”.

Two of my friends, both room-mates sharing a common balcony with my room, had their birthday in the month of April. Both their birthdays were celebrated in a very different manner. First up was Varun, tall and handsome and pretty much physically dominant. Last few months he has had real fun giving some of his finest blows on our backs. Now it was our time to revenge all those blows, all at one time. Just two days before Varun’s birthday I formulated an informal committee among my friends. “The Birthday Boy Torture Committee”, as I call it.

Its mission is simply to organize the party…. and organize it BIG time. Everyone was informed, and everything was planned. Friends from other hostels came right on time, just minutes before the clock was about to strike 12. Varun obviously knew that he will be beaten really hard. So he had a mutual agreement with his room-mate and both of them locked themselves inside their room. Obviously his room-mate agreed as his birthday was about to come pretty soon. But no one knew how violent we could be. Just minutes before time, his girlfriend called him to wish him on his birthday.

As soon as it was time we warned him to disconnect the call and open the door.. but he took too long. Both the doors of his room (the front door and the balcony door) were kicked real hard until the balcony door broke open. Varun was dragged out and was beaten like a criminal (as if he had touched a girl in the middle of Kolkata). About 20 others trying to kick his a** as hard as they can. He got a beating of a lifetime and at the end of it all swore not to lay a hand on us ever again.

In between all this Parveen Mangla (better known as ‘Happy’) decided to have fun and narrated one of the famous Hindi movie line which has been repeated over and over again in the last decade...”Isse haath lagane se pehle mere laash se hokar guzarna padega”. No probs he was dragged in and given a severe short beating that he would never forget. The beating was followed by cutting the cake, cold drinks and beer. Trust me, everyone had fun and I am sure Varun also enjoyed himself… although the after effects was not too good. A day after, the results for the best performers in the ‘Beating Arena’ was declared.

Finally after the door has broken.... This is how it stands now....

The broken door.
She hides it from any unexpected raid.

Through the hole....

Next up was his room-mate Saurab. A topper, real good in studies. His birthday was just atwo days before the IIT JEE. Since he was appearing for the exam we decided not to harm his studies. The committee passed on the word to all the friends about its plan. Everyone pretended that he would be beaten very hard (for no reason at all). Saurab was really prepared for it.

About fifteen minutes before he dressed up in full sleeves and shoes, ready to take on all of us. But we had a different idea in our mind. We picked him up and carried him all the way to the ground floor and just dropped him there. Now Saurab was very happy that he was not beaten at all...
He called home and told everyone that nothing happened to him and there was no end to his happiness.

On Sunday night (after the IIT JEE) one of the most unexpected things happened to him. Chandigarh is obviously getting warmer. Now to beat the heat we all recommended him to get off his shirt and wear light clothing. He was really tired after the examination so he accepted our suggestion and went off to sleep wearing only his vest and a light pyjama.
When he woke up next it was just midnight and about 10-15 of his friends had lifted him in the air and were giving him real hard kicks up his butts. He was picked up right in the middle of his sleep, so even before he could realize anything he had a red butt and a sore back….. and it ended with similar cutting of the cake and other stuff. As expected in the result of the beating arena I was among the top three performers...and that is a warning for me as I am up NEXT...